The “Co-Op” - Process and Communication Flow

JMB2 Architects will share process & communication involvement and responsibilities throughout the course of your project. The flow charts below illustrate our proven structure for effective communication and decision-making during the protracted delivery progression. It has been developed with an emphasis not only on owner communications but also the internal communications within the A-E and Builder teams.


In all project situations, a well founded relationship between Project Manager / Officer-In-Charge, J. Matthew Brown, AIA , REFP and the Owner group will prove to smooth the design process and carry trust and success through to construction and facility occupation. In an effort to better understand our clients and their needs and to build that rapport and trust, the “Co-Op” processes were developed to help guide us in providing you the best customer service as well as assure that the results meet and exceed your highest expectations.


process chart

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The JMB2 team will share involvement and responsibilities throughout the entire course of this project, from visioning to post-occupancy. JMB2, J. Matthew Brown, AIA will act as primary client contact through all project aspects and phases and will provide oversight/support during initial programming and design phases and lead development, documentation, bidding, permitting, and construction administration phases.


organization chart

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effort vs effect graph

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